03 February, 2008

Nose Candy Anyone?

My dealer (er... friend), hooked me up with a couple packages of those Ice Breakers Pacs that have Police and the Soccer Moms who harass them into caring, up in arms. In case you haven't heard, apparently the instant their Ritalin enslaved zombie-children see-ingest these things, they're going to start picking up and eating all those random packs of cocaine you find lying all over the place. After all, children are mindless, I remember when I was five years old, I listened to one Black Sabbath song and instantly went on a killing spree. I wasn't allowed to play Intellevision for a month!
Anyway, there had to be a knitting aspect to this somewhere. Well, once you're done blasting off, the transparent blue plastic case with it's sliding lid makes a very handy notions case for stitch markers, needle size tags, endcaps for interchangeables etc. I just peeled off the plastic tags and soaked them in hot water to remove any stuck on bits. There was some remaining adhesive on the lid which removed easily with a smear of vegetable oil (washes off with dish soap). They're good looking, sturdy little boxes and the mints are tasty too.

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