18 April, 2009

Nice Stash!

Dear Modest Yarn Stash,

I suppose that every knitter buys yarn differently. I have marveled at personal stashes that were the knitting equivalent of a home LYS, custom shelving full of wool, home yarn studios and walk-in fiber rooms. I feel an initial twinge of envy when I see such things but then I remember how I buy yarns and why it suits me.

Most obvious I suppose is that my yarn budget is not six figures… or five… or four, we’ll call it modest. One might think that I do a great deal of planning like “once I have enough money I need “x” amount of yarn for “x” project”. That would seem practical but I also have my whimsical, flighty inner child with which to contend. That side talks to me in space-cadet terms; it says things like “soft”, “shiny”, “fuzzy”, and “that’s the color of moonbeams on Datura flowers”. Yeah.

I might add that this phenomenon hits me when I forget to pack the shopping list that my practical side penned in green ink on a yellow mini Post It note and I find myself dumbstruck in my LYS (which mind you, is about an hour and a half away from home).

All is not lost and certainly not useless, these purchases with no intent (other than their sensuality), become bits of inspiration. I have no idea what I will knit with them initially and it leads me to ponder them, examine them and await that serendipitous moment where a couple balls of airy mohair become a finished piece of knitting. It keeps me going and I wouldn’t change a thing.


Just so you know if I win the lottery (if I ever actually play the lottery), I’ll probably buckle and build a fiber studio but it doesn’t mean I appreciate you any less.

Resolutions Redux

Dear Knitting,

I have been reminded how I have neglected my blog even after promising to blog in my New Year’s Resolutions post. Don’t be upset, I kept (most of) my resolutions to you. I started designing some original patterns (which hopefully will not be flops), knitting (a little) more (than usual), knitting those small gifts and planning that pullover (looking at patterns, deciding they are blah and fantasizing about yarn that would make my hoodie cost several hundred dollars). See? I’m still here with you and we’ve learned so many things already.


01 January, 2009

Bygone Times and Things to Come

Happy New Year! 2008 was my first full year as a knitter. In retrospect it was a good year of knitting filled with firsts, increased confidence in my technique and most of all it cemented the fact that I love this art and I am sticking with it. Most of my obsessions du jour do not ever see the one year mark. I have not knitted a gazillion projects, I have not stressed about finishing piles of woolly Christmas presents for everyone I know, but I have enjoyed every minute. Knitting is my indulgence: it is my chocolate, my coffee, my bubble bath, it is something I don't need to share but occasionally I will let a friend or family member indulge as well.

I spent my year learning new things, reading about knitting, daydreaming about knitting and yes, actually knitting. Granted, I didn't do a hell of a lot of blogging about knitting but I have not forgotten the address (see my resolutions below).

Normally I do not make New Years Resolutions. I am an honest and realistic person and resolutions just seem an attempt in vain. I am however going to make some knitting resolutions since I am still new to the craft and have much more to learn. Here goes...

New Knitting Year's Resolutions:
  • Knit More: Yes, I need to knit more. If not for industriousness then for the mere idea of learning new things and improving on that which I already know.
  • Design an Original Piece: I have yet to invent (or "unvent" as EZ would say), a knitted object. I have many ideas in my notebook, I just have to bring at least one of them to fruition.
  • Learn to Spin: I understand this is a bit of an ambitious undertaking but I have my reasons (stay tuned, more to come...)
  • Knit a Pullover: More specifically, a pullover for myself. I am not sure as to what (a lovely Fair Isle? A Gansey? A Hoodie?), all I know is that I want something warm, lovely and comfortable made by me for me. Is that egotistical?
  • Knit Small Gifts Throughout the Year: This is not a promise that everybody I know will be getting knitted gifts but I would like to start a nice stack of "ready to gift" items that I knit throughout the year so they are handy when Christmas rolls around. I refuse to do any mad, last minute knitting (I have no shortage of Holiday stress), so if there's any hope of hand knits under the tree it would have to be done in advance.

Well, I think that is good enough to kick off the year, I don't want to get carried away. After all, as I stated before: knitting is my personal indulgence, I don't want to muck it up by making it seem like a chore. I suppose I also forgot to mention "blog more frequently", I have been a bit lax in that area.

All the best to all of you in this coming year!

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