18 April, 2009

Resolutions Redux

Dear Knitting,

I have been reminded how I have neglected my blog even after promising to blog in my New Year’s Resolutions post. Don’t be upset, I kept (most of) my resolutions to you. I started designing some original patterns (which hopefully will not be flops), knitting (a little) more (than usual), knitting those small gifts and planning that pullover (looking at patterns, deciding they are blah and fantasizing about yarn that would make my hoodie cost several hundred dollars). See? I’m still here with you and we’ve learned so many things already.



Asplund said...

Well, I'm sure Knitting doesn't mind but would have thought it far worse if you hadn't knitted because of Blogging. Besides, you do have to knit to be able to blog about it!

But of course it's nice to see a new post, and I look forward to more.

Terry said...

This is quite true, I could just spend all my time talking about knitting. That's where Ravelry becomes dangerous.

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